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History of the creation of the Mira International Children’s Fund

The history of the foundation began with mirabella’s girl. Her usual act, launched a “boomerang of goodness” in all corners of the world.

In 2014 Mirabella’s family was injured when a shell hit their house. The Girl Who Moved to Moscow, watching the events at home, Mirabella could not leave without support children who suffered during the war. She, together with her friends from Moscow, shared their toys and clothes Guys passed a lot of necessary things, toys in Donbass. Thus, the charitable foundation was named after “Peace,” Mirabella abbreviated.

Charity The International Children’s Fund MIRA is an opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility by making charitable donations, humanitarian aid. Everyone has opportunity to save someone’s life.

The activities of the International MIRA Children’s Fund

BO” MDF MIRA has been working in the humanitarian field since 2014.

Our mission: helping vulnerable groups victims of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Organization has accreditation to work in the Donetsk region, which does not control of the Government of Ukraine.

Areas of assistance:

– recovery of damaged, as a result of armed clashes of residential Social infrastructure facilities and facilities;

– providing and supporting the basic needs of low-income families, Living in a war zone;

– Helping children

– Helping the elderly and people with disabilities;

The history of the Charity Mira International Children’s Fund 2016-2018

Bo MFD MIRA, together with Russian partner organizations and philanthropists and Donetsk, implemented such social projects:

Distribution oil radiators,

-hygienic Sets

Items Essentials,

-products Power

-clerical sets of families with children of socially unprotected categories of the population in such cities: Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Debaltseve.

The history of the Charity “World International Children’s Fund in 2018.

Bo “MDF “MIRA” began cooperation with international partners.

In the as part of a joint project with UNHCR The UN has rehabilitated 240 homes that have been completely or partially destroyed during shelling, in the areas of Donetsk (Petrovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kiev districts) and in cities such as Horlivka, Yenakiievo, Uglegorsk, Mospino, Debaltseve, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Shakhtarsk

Together Small Shelter repair and restoration work in 86 apartments Donetsk. Yasinovataya, Mr. Krasnoarmeysk (the areas most affected by artillery shelling).

When support for Save The Children” BO “MDF” MIRA “implemented projects:

– to restore preschool in the city. Donetsk. So that children from three neighbourhoods in the Proletarian district. Donetsk got the opportunity to visit renovated kindergarten.

– 111 homes of citizens of the privileged categories of the city to provide solid fuel in winter. Donetsk.

Together with the International Organization for Migration The following projects have been implemented:

– providing urgent humanitarian assistance in the form of 4,000 winter kits (bed) for 57 social and health facilities located on the territory outside Ukraine’s control.

-« Providing critical livelihoods and preparing for winter is the most vulnerable communities in Eastern Ukraine “by distributing diapers to adults in 10 social institutions.

The history of the Charity Mira International Children’s Fund in 2019

When supported by the International Migration (IOM) OF MDF MIRA has successfully implemented the following programmes:

1. “Providing critical means of subsistence and preparing for the winter is the most vulnerable areas of Eastern Ukraine” by distributing 1980 packs of diapers and 650 hygiene kits for adults for 23 social facilities.

2. “Rebuilding key social infrastructure” by repair and restoration work in 4 social facilities.

3. “Distribution of 550 electric heaters to the population.”

4. Providing equipment to the public to improve welfare for 100 Households.

5. Emergency care for vulnerable people, in 5 social institutions who have returned and conflict victims in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (territories not government of Ukraine) by conducting rehabilitation work related to preparations for the winter period.

Together with UNHCR, the MIRA Foundation has implemented Provision of small-scale shelter support (light repairs) to PoCs in Donetsk NGCA aimed at restoring the thermal contour in 140 Households.

Bo MDF WORLD managed to increase the indicator of completed works by 40% more Scheduled. Thus, the thermal circuit was restored in 196 Households.

Partners of charity International Children’s Fund MIRA (from 2018):

  1. International Organization for Migration (IOM);
  2. Save the Children”;
  3. UNCHR (The UN Refugee Agency).

During the existence of the MIRA International Children’s Fund:

– Restored 633 damaged housing and social infrastructure as a result of armed Collisions

– Provided with humanitarian 1,300 basic needs Families living in a war zone;

– Provided with humanitarian assistance in the form of basic needs, 95 social institutions that are in the war zone.

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