Partners of the fund:

Save the Children International

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

UN Refugee Agency

Save the Children

  • Save the Children helped rebuild preschool in the city. Donetsk. Thanks to which children from three neighborhoods of the Proletarian district. Donetsk was able to attend the renovated kindergarten.
  • Save the Children helped provide 111 homes with concessional categories of citizens with solid fuel in the winter. Donetsk.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

  • The International Organization for Migration has assisted in providing emergency humanitarian assistance in the form of 4,000 winter kits (bed) for 57 social and medical facilities located in the territory outside Ukraine’s control.
  • She supported the provision of critical means of subsistence and preparation for the winter of the most vulnerable communities of Eastern Ukraine “by distributing diapers for adults to 10 social institutions.
  • MoD “Providing critical means of subsistence and preparing for winter to the most vulnerable areas of Eastern Ukraine” by distributing 1980 packages of diapers and 650 hygiene kits for adults for 23 social institutions.
  • “Restoring key social infrastructure facilities” by carrying out repair and rehabilitation work in 4 social facilities.
  • “Distribution of 550 electric heaters to the population.”
  • Providing equipment to the public to improve welfare for 100 households.
  • Emergency assistance for vulnerable people, in 5 social institutions, returned and affected by the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk regions (territory not controlled by the Government of Ukraine) by carrying out reconstruction work related to preparation for the winter period.

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