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One good heart prevents disaster
Do not be indifferent to the grief of others. Join the team and support people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.
Residential premises restored
Residential premises restored
Grocery sets issued

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Giving out food kits

Humanitarian aid in the form of children’s food kits has been delivered to the Central-City district of Horlivka. The humanitarian will be issued at: Ave. Wins, 62 (territorial center of

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Express tests for COVID-19

Five thousand rapid tests for coronavirus from the first batch of humanitarian aid from China were distributed among 52 hospitals in Donetsk region, which provide inpatient treatment services. This was

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Address aid

How to get the benefit? A family member who will receive family assistance must contact the Sberbank branch at the actual place of residence and submit an application; Ukrainian citizen’s

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Children's leisure in isolation

Strategic management of the charitable foundation is carried out by the Board of Trustees, whose main function is to oversee the implementation of the fund’s program and the use of

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